Our Story

Humans have created an interesting phenomena in the conservation world. We like cute. We like furry. We like animals with kind eyes. So that’s who we tend to protect. That’s where our conservation dollars go. Let’s call it “survival of the cutest.” If you are an animal, you, and your habitat’s chances of being saved, are higher the cuter you are. According to National Geographic, most of the nearly $1 billion raised annually on animal conservation goes to a handful of species, with apes, elephants, big cats, rhinos, and pandas being the top five recipients. So, what about the little guys?

Enter Love A Slug. We are here because we all matter. You’re not likely to see elephants, polar bears, or pandas here. Hey, we love those too, but they already have lots of champions. We are here for the underdogs – the animals quietly in the background, doing their thing, but still being awesome. And important.

So, you may ask, when you buy a Love A Slug t-shirt is your money actually going toward saving the little bugger currently leaving a trail of slime on your patio and dining off of the hosta leaves in your garden? Not exactly. Slugs, along with snails, are part of the mollusk family. Almost 1,000 snail species, along with some slug species, are listed as endangered worldwide. Why is this important? Because snails and slugs, like all species, are a piece of the puzzle. When a species–no matter how insignificant they may seem–becomes endangered, it is an indicator that something is wrong with our environment. Their endangerment serves as a warning signal. That should concern us all.

It's Pretty Simple.

So, 10% of net profits of Love A Slug products go to wildlife organizations concerned with the “little guys.” Because they all matter. That’s our mission at Love A Slug – raising money for the hard-working, critically important species not usually in the spotlight, in the spirit of remembering that we all need each other. It’s pretty simple.